Who we are

EXPEDITION KAYAKING is a new entrant in the field of organizing excursions with Sea Kayak, staffed by a team that has significant experience in excursions, island circumnavigations and multi-day trips throughout the Aegean.

Our mission is to highlight the natural beauties of our home land through the cockpit of a sea kayak and to share our passion for the sea and contact with nature.


  • create genuine and unforgettable experiences for people who love exploration and adventure.
  • place great emphasis on the safety of our customers and partners.
  • strive for the successful outcome of the activities.
  • deal with upcoming problems effectively and serve our customers in order to get the best experience from the organization.
  • provide quality and well-maintained equipment.
  • exhibit great sensitivity for the environment and those around us by operating in accordance with the principles of "Leave no Trace", that is, taking care not to leave any trace in the places we visit during our activity.

Our excursions take you to some of the most enchanting locations where you can explore stunning coastlines, hidden bays and caves. Together we will discover the interesting sights along the way.

Our base is in Porto Rafti, a seaside town located in the eastern part of Attica, about 30 kilometers southeast of Athens. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters and picturesque scenery. The wider area of Porto Rafti bay with its sheltered waters and islets is ideal for exciting kayaking trips. Apart from its beaches, Porto Rafti has historical significance, with the nearby Temple of Artemis in Vravrona, an important archaeological site.

We organize excursions, daily or multi-day, throughout Eastern Attica and southern Evia, magical places we have loved, with natural wealth, crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches. There is the possibility of organizing private multi-day excursions on demand to most of the Cyclades islands where we undertake all the planning of the trip for an unforgettable experience, a real expedition.

The team

Our team has significant experience in excursions, island tours and multi-day trips throughout the Aegean.
Konstantinos Ntiliakos
Konstantinos NtiliakosExpedition Kayaking
Konstantinos has always approached the sea as an immense mystery to be explored. At the beginning with just a mask and later on with any floating means. He first got involved in sea kayaking in 2011, mainly on coastal routes, while since 2016 he has made longer and more demanding trips that include circumnavigation of islands and multi-day expeditions in the Aegean sea as a member of the SOUTH EVIAN GULF TEAM. Passion for the sea, exploration and love for nature are the driving forces and key elements of his character.
American Canoe Association (ACA) level 3 Coastal Kayaking Certified Instructor.
Andreas Sandalis
Andreas Sandalis Expedition Kayaking
He lives in Athens, but at every opportunity he wants to be in nature. In the sea or mountain he is fascinated to explore by moving on his own forces, with a sea kayak or a bike and sleeping under the stars. In recent years, sea kayaking has been his favorite activity. As a member of the SOUTH EVIAN GULF TEAM he is an active paddler, maintains and expands his paddling skills through appropriate training and has taken part in long and demanding trips. He enjoys the outdoors, through small or larger kayaking expeditions and loves to share this experience with people who are attracted to adventurous activities.
American Canoe Association (ACA) level 3 Coastal Kayaking Certified Instructor.

Come and live special experiences together!

Regardless of your level and knowledge, we are by your side to
ensure unique experiences at sea and in kayaking.