Together, we create unique memories!

We organize unforgettable sea excursions with Kayak.

Our excursions

Our excursions take you to some of the most breathtaking locations where you can explore stunning coastlines, hidden bays and caves. The excursions are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced paddlers. Together we will discover the interesting sights along the route.

Excursion for beginners

Excursion to the islets of Porto Rafti

Ascent to the island of Raftis

Vravrona wetland with a visit to the archaeological museum and the temple of Artemis

Excursion to the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion

Three-day excursion to Petalioi islands – South Evia

About us

EXPEDITION KAYAKING is a new entrant in the field of organizing Sea Kayak tours, which is staffed by a team with significant experience in excursions, island tours and multi-day trips throughout the Aegean. Our mission is to highlight the natural beauties of our place through the cockpit of a sea kayak and to share our passion for the sea and contact with nature.